CQC Regulated Domiciliary Care Services

The Mushkil Aasaan Model of Domiciliary Care
Mushkil Aasaan has been an approved Domiciliary Care Provider for the London Borough of Wandsworth since 1995, successfully operating as a 24-hr Domiciliary Care Service. The increasing demands made on the project by the Community and the Commissioners have clearly demonstrated a greater need for its ‘specialist’ provision.

Mushkil Aasaan’s experience in delivery of care services in the past decades has incorporated the complex culture of transition in Service Delivery according to Local Authority and The Department of Health directives. In its role of Community Representation, Mushkil Aasaan has seen the Community through the processes of the Fair Access Criteria (FACs) Criteria, the Care Act and Health and Social Care austerities.

As a ‘Specialist’ Provider, regulated by the “Care Quality Commission” (CQC), Mushkil Aasaan offers packages of Care that transcend detailed knowledge of the Community’s faiths, values, customs, language and dietary needs beyond that of their basic needs. 

As an Investor in people, Mushkil Aasaan capitalises on the wealth of expertise in the Community. Our Careworkers are skilled and knowledgeable in the diverse language and cultural needs of our Service Users as caring is very much part of the ethos of the culture.

Mushkil Aasaan engages experienced and trained Careworkers to deliver services to an agreed Support Plan, which maintains and respects the privacy, dignity and lifestyle of the service user while promoting independence.

The needs of all our Service Users lie at the heart of our service planning and delivery and every attempt is made to ensure that they have a choice in the type and level of service which respects their individuality and need for privacy. We continuously strive to provide a high standard of Quality Care to ensure effective accountability to all our Service Users. This manifests itself through training, regular monitoring of performance and Service User satisfaction.

CQC Feedback

‘This organisation recognizes the value of offering a comprehensive training programme to staff"....”Sound recruitment procedures and staff training protect people who use the service'

In our latest CQC Inspection our services were assessed for being safe, effective, caring and responsive and rated as GOOD.

It was observed that ‘people and their relatives told us that Careworkers were caring and supported them in an appropriate manner. They told us they were offered choices and Careworkers asked for their consent before supporting them. They also said that their privacy and dignity was respected and that they felt safe,’

Service user testimonies and feedback
The service was caring. People and their relatives gave us examples when care workers had demonstrated a caring attitude. People told us that care workers respected their privacy and dignity.

Care quality commission

‘I am so grateful for services from MA. I rely on support from Project’

Service user

‘Meet cultural and linguistic needs’

Service user

‘MA supports Elderly people and understand their needs & Isolation’

Service user