Pan London NHS End of Life Care

Pan London NHS End of Life Care

In taking forward our Domiciliary Care Services Mushkil Aasaan successfully tendered to Pan London NHS for Qualified Provider status to provide End of Life Care services.

We have provided End of Life Care across our diverse Communities of South London in their home settings and in partnership with Multi-Disciplinary Professionals

In line with our intrinsic ethos of caring in a culturally-appropriate and faith-sensitive manner with professional training and processes and procedures, this Service provides assurance to patients and families at a sensitive time.

We pride ourselves in seeking to assigning and matching Careworkers of the same cultural heritage and background in their languages as much as possible. Our Careworkers are trained to note the changes that can take place with Service Users so that the service continues to be tailored around their changing needs.

An agreed communication protocol and strategy is also very important between the Service User, co-professionals, and family members and a Support Plan that stipulates the tasks required and

¬ Respects the privacy, dignity and wishes of the indivdual

¬ Ensures safety, security and safeguard against abuse and neglect.

¬ Due regard to religious, linguistic and cultural needs.

¬ Respecting a Do not Attempt Resuscitation Order if so wished

Our Careworkers develop a warm, supportive and harmonious relationship that endorses self-actualization and empowerment which allows the client the freedom to be and express themselves, as to their desires and wishes. This is through person-centred practices in showing and demonstrating empathy and positive regard with compassion surrounding the person’s circumstances. We find individuals at this stage gaining consolation through their own spiritual upliftment for which cultural and faith practices are endorsed.

When having to address such profound end of life needs and wishes, we ensure that a sense of trust, reassuring calm, touch and consent is an important component in communicating and appropriately caring for the person. Furthermore, in helping the individual to be able to live as well as they can, in the time they have left, with their dignity and quality of life in intact.

Some Compliments

‘Till the end, the Careworkers would recite the ‘Quran’ which was very soothing and comforting'

‘Amazing Careworkers who were dedicated and brought relief to my wife in her last days'

‘Culturally –sensitive Careworkers assigned to my father’s care - thank you’