Support Groups & Events

A range of Support Groups instigated by the imperative needs of the diverse Communities, give the Centre a real sense of vibrancy and value throughout the week, for a whole range of activities, including family and community celebrations, discussions and debate across a range of organisations and topics.

Our Elderly Women’s Weekly Support Group continues and is a popular activity at our Centre. Apart from a weekly lunch together which incorporates well-women seminars and fitness activities, it further helps to promote their overall well-being when they voice their concerns and a voice on social issues.

A group of elderly men who used to meet on the street corner to reminisce despite adverse weather conditions, continue to meet in the Centre and have expressed their appreciation of their more pleasant and enhancing surroundings.

A group of young professional women and working mothers continue to meet at the Centre on Monday evenings, with a focus on self-support. It remains an important forum for helping them gain greater confidence and understanding of positive parenting through their shared experiences of their growing children’s needs.

Many of Transition Town Tooting activities are held at our Centre, a main feature being the Foodival. Another regular activity is the Recycle Project which encourages people to use their electronic equipment longer in order to reduce waste. (link tooting transition)

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