Vaccination Guidance

The British Islamic Medical Association have written statements on the COVID-19 Vaccine: ‘We Recommend the Oxford Astra-Zeneca COVID Vaccine for eligible individuals in Muslim Communities’ and ‘We recommend the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for eligible at-risk individuals in Muslim Communities.’

Can I have the vaccine during Ramadan/does the vaccine invalidate fasting?

The British Islamic Medical Association have issued specific advice urging Muslims observing Ramadan not to delay getting the vaccine, drawing on analysis from Islamic scholars which says that injections for non-nutritional purposes do not invalidate the fast. Further information is available here:

Black Lives Matter: Wandsworth response



Update from WCEN
Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network

 People in Balham and Tooting have joined the worldwide protest against racial injustice in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd. See the Tooting Newsie’s video of the demonstration at Tooting Broadway on 3rd June and the photo above of the one on Tooting Common on 6th June.

Responding to this challenge is a matter for us all, as individuals, as groups and as a community. Let’s each think what we can do to make a difference.

Update from WCEN

WCEN (Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network) has circulated a newsletter focussing on recent events, and outlining WCEN initiatives, many of several years standing, to address inequality in the health and mental health fields, and strengthen advocacy and access to services. It’s a powerful analysis.

“At WCEN, we have been working alongside friends and partners to identify the inequalities that exist in our borough, and to work together to close these gaps. The evidence on institutional racism and discrimination remains shameful and shocking, and impacts black communities through every stage of their lives: ….children from African Caribbean communities are least likely to achieve key stage standards; BME communities are more likely to be excluded for our schools, and over represented in looked-after children services and on the vulnerable children registers; they are more likely to be stopped and searched by the Police….. BME communities are more likely to be in low-paid low-status employment, and least likely to achieve senior positions…..Throughout their lives, BME communities are over-represented in mental health services, and when in services more likely to be at the acute end of care are least likely to report good outcomes. They are at a greater risk throughout their lifetimes of contracting debilitating health conditions, and, as COVID-19 has exposed, more likely to die when impacted…… 

Whilst we welcome the signs of solidarity from our public institutions, who have a statutory responsibility to care and support all regardless of their race or background, words by themselves are not enough. If Black Lives Matter, then their words must be followed by direct investment and actions to reduce these inequalities and create the fair and just society for all.”

Over the lockdown period, WCEN has compiled a series of 30-40 minute podcast interviews  with key local equality champions exploring their achievements and personal stories. They form a remarkable record. The most recent feature Darren Fernandes, Associate Director of Strategy and Transformation at the South West London Mental Health Trust at
and Dr Narinder Bansal, senior mental health researcher at Bristol University,

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